Deep into the heart of music...



An 'Abyss' is something that you could peer into and it would get progressively darker and deeper the further you explore.

The Abyss is a weekly dance show hosted by Jon Hodgson that is dedicated to the latest pre-releases, white-labels and emergent previews in underground electronic dance music.

The show's name reflects this and runs for two hours slowly descending from the light and bouncy to the deep and dark over the length of the broadcast whilst maintaining three founding principles:

  • All tracks played have been sent to the show as promos
  • Each track is played in full (however can be edited)
  • With exception to end of year specials, no track is repeated.  Ever.

Following these principles every show has a unique sound and energy, whilst remaining loyal to 'The Abyss' format.

Electronic dance music - in all its genres - is for everybody, no matter where or who you are.  This show is for everyone that appreciates the less commercial side to their music and the energy and wellbeing it gifts.

This site provides links to both current and previous shows so you can listen and browse the show contents.